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someone should just take my tablet away from me……  _:(´□`」 ∠)_


someone should just take my tablet away from me……  _:(´□`」 ∠)_

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  • Tokyo Ghoul: A Discovery of Just How Much I’m Into Guro
  • Tokyo Ghoul: I Shouldn’t Be Aroused Right Now
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Gosh He’s Pretty
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Gosh He’s Even Prettier All Beat Up
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Gee I Want To Kick The Shit Out Of Him And Then Fuck Him
  • Tokyo Ghoul: I REALLY Should NOT Be Aroused Right Now
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Cut Me Up A Little, I’ll Give You A Taste If You Let Me Do The Same
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Fuck Fuck Fuck Do NOT Ship Them DO NOT SHIP THEM
  • Tokyo Ghoul: I Ship Them
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Erotic Cannibalism
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe Eat Him A Little, Kiss HIM A Little?
  • Tokyo Ghoul: I’m So Aroused Right Now
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You fainted and I caught you. It was the first time I’d supported a human. You had such heavy bones. I put myself between you and gravity. Impossible.
- The Vintner’s Luck, Elizabeth Knox (via fireofspring)
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Le génie du mal [The genius of evil, aka; Lucifer]; Guillaume Geefs 

“The statue was originally a commission for Geefs’ younger brother Joseph, who completed it in 1842 and installed it the following year. It generated controversy at once and was criticized for not representing a Christian ideal.The cathedral administration declared that “this devil is too sublime.” The local press intimated that the work was distracting the “pretty penitent girls” who should have been listening to the sermons.” [x]

[The original ‘sublime’ version shown below, and the ‘revised’ one in the photoset above]


> Make sculpture of the devil

> No this sculpture is too hot for church

> Make another one

> It’s even hotter

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heyyy so i finished this . lemme know if you want the link, ill only answer non anon links with it.

aaaaah fem!kyoin looks really cute here *v* could I have the link please as well? Thanks for working on this!

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Jeffrey McDaniel, “The Endarkenment”


Jeffrey McDaniel, “The Endarkenment”

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In The Mood For Love deleted scenes

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